Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Got some mojo workin...

Ok, it was a couple weeks ago now, but I did manage to get my mojo workin at the last crop day (Anzac Day, April 25th). I got there early seeing as I had already been up to go to the Dawn Parade, so my the time most peeps arrived at 9am, I was already at the sewing machine, going nuts! This is me, aged about 18 months (ish?) with Ted. Ted is still with me today - he sits on my dresser and watches over my room for me each day. I think he's just about the only toy I have left from when I was little, tbh. Cool to have.

Couple of close-ups... I finally used my Cuttlebug Design-a-Flower cut and emboss set. Got it cheap a while back at Warehouse Stationery, but hadn't quite found the right time/project to use it for. Problem solved! I cut the flower petals, then embossed them and sanded tem a bit to make the embossed effect more obvious. Flower petals make FAB dragonflies, don't ya think?

And yes, that DOES say 1975. And yes, I did have WHITE blonde hair! No comments please on the length (or lack thereof) of my dress - my Mummy made it for me :)

I also got another layout started for J's 5th birthday party. Will post that another time whenever I get it finished.
I love crop days. They rock!

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Viv said...

HAH! Love the dress... nothing like mummy's homemade jobbies is there? I still have my golly (Henry Jim ) from my childhood tho I did make him a new suit ie body!!! when I was 15, cos our puppy got hold of him......
Love the LO! Great use of petals!