Wednesday, May 6, 2009

I won a trophy (and gave it back)...

I think I recall telling you all that I managed to be awarded Member of the Month at my gym for March. I even got given a statue/trophy to look after at home for the duration. It's one of those cool modern-looking things that you just have to look at twice. Very cool image of the female form. Small plaque on front says "Timaru Woman Member of the Month"

It's gone back now, but it was nice to have on display for a bit.

Who would've thought that I would be awarded recognition for EFFORT and ACHIEVEMENT at a GYM for goodness sake? Not me, that's for sure!

Speaking of the gym... remember a while back I signed up to take part in a Mamma Mia Movie Night at the gym? It ended up being a marathon 2 hour effort in the cardio room, non-stop. It was awesome. Surprisingly, although very sweaty and tired, I wasn't as knackered as I thought I'd be. This Friday they are doing it again. Dirty Dancing this time. Bring. It. On. So at 5.30pm on Friday evening as you contemplate dinner and have a wee quiet drink or two, think of me, on an exercise bike/cross trainer/rowing machine/stepper/spin bike/mini tramp/all of the above, sweating my arse off (well that's the plan, stan!)
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topkatnz said...

GO GIRL ... I'm off to the gym now ...