Thursday, November 5, 2009

Christmas and Movies...

Yup, y'all know that I've already made a good start on Christmas this year (for once!). Well, yesterday I popped over to see Rach and bought one of the Kaiser advent calendar kits to make. I have to say though that there appeared to be a bit more in the 'make' department than I thought. Bummer. Having said that though, last night I got all the wooden pieces sanded down and glued together, and as of this morning I have got about a third of the little boxes glued together too. Here's a pic of what the plain one will look like once assembled, but before decorating:
And considering it all came flat-packed and joined together with little tab-thingys that needed sanding off everywhere, I don't think I did too bad to get it put together last night!
Tonight D is having poker at our place, and I am off to see this with Heather:

I think I'll be taking a box of tissues... I've read the book (which was excellent), so have some idea of what to expect.... Although I hear that the movie has a different ending, so I'll reserve judgment on whether or not that's a good idea until after I've watched it tonight.

Then tomorrow, D and I are off to see this...

...which I am REALLY looking forward to. I am a big MJ fan, and I've heard that it's just fab. We have a babysitter coming round and we might even manage to have dinner together somewhere first. Wow, like a real date! Exciting!!!!!

Not a lot planned for this weekend, hoping to get a bit of tidying up done in the garden, christen my bike, and catch up on housework (fun, fun, fun!). What you lot up to for the weekend? Let me know, yeah?

Right, things to do, people to see, bills to dictate...

Toodles, B x

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topkatnz said...

Well done on getting the advent calendar started - it does look quite cool - looking forward to seeing the finished project.