Sunday, November 22, 2009

Funny, Funny, Funny... (to the tune of 'Money, Money, Money')

Oh my goodness... last night was SO funny! Nic thought she was coming round for a few quiet wines and some scrapbooking, but I had turned it into a Hen Night, seeing as her wedding is only two weeks away. So Nic, Kath, Rach, Jo and I all had a few drinks and played silly Hen Night games, like 'Pin the Willie on the Groom', a Bob the Builder drinking game, and the vegetable game. We followed that up with several hours of Singstar (thanks Shaun for dropping that off), and then a sing-a-long to Mamma Mia on DVD, toddling off to bed at about 2.30am. Having never played Singstar before I was a bit apprehensive, but it was a blast! Here's a few shots of how the evening panned out...

Preparing the 'appendages' for Hugh Jackman (our fill-in groom for the evening)

Erm.... no comment.

Someone's aim was a little 'off'....

...and along came Singstar...

No, Nic, that part doesn't sing...!

Check out the concentration on Rach's face! Must've been a tricky part...

'Don't go Breaking My Heart' !!!

Kath, are you dancing or directing traffic?!!!

Jo doing a bit of 'crooning'

Awwww :)

Oh, who needs a microphone anyway?

Kath, an ace singer, dealing it to another tune...

Nic, gettin down!

Oops, busted dancing!

So that was about the size of it... a fair few laughs, and a LOT of fun. Best surprise ever.

I think I need a nap....!

Toodles, B x


Rachel said...

Thanks Beck - very good fun was had and I wish Nic all the best in a fortnight for her wedding!
Great night - lots of laughs and who would have thought that Katheryn had a voice like a goddess!
Jo Flannery you sneaky little thing I am telling Sean on you on Monday!!!!!

topkatnz said...

Can't believe you have never played singstar before! looks like you had a blast.