Sunday, November 8, 2009

A quickie...

This is a quickie post, as there is hot demand for the laptop tonight... D is itching to play on PokerStars! No wonder though, he has had a good poker week - he had the boys over while I was at the movies with Heath on Thursday night, and he won! It's been a while between drinks (so to speak), so he was stoked.

The movie on Friday night was great. As a big MJ fan myself, I really enjoyed it. They had done an awful lot of pre-production for the big screens on the stage - they filmed new versions of a Thriller sequence, some military shots in front of a green screen, etc. And although I know that MJ was not a 'normal' human being (well who wouldn't be a little bit strange with the life he's had), the movie showed that HE STILL HAD IT. You know, IT. He still had a presence, he still had the moves, he still had the voice, and he sure didn't look like he was on death's door. Kinds of sad really. He was very softly spoken, and talked a lot about love, and peace, and looking after our planet. The show would have been absolutely mind-blowing if it had gone ahead IRL. Just amazing.

Then, thanks to Transformers 2, I got to sleep in until 10am on Saturday! Fab-u-lous! After we'd had breakfast, J and I checked out the St Paul's church fair (where he bought himself a tomato shaped tomato sauce bottle for 10 cents, and tried candy floss for the first time), then headed to the Red Shed to get him some sandals for summer. It's fun taking a 5 year old shoe shopping, it really is. NOT! Everything is either the wrong colour, the wrong size, or scratchy underfoot. Grrrrr. We DID get a pair of sandals in the end. Eventually. Much, much later.

The rest of our weekend disappeared in a blur of washing, cleaning, eating, sleeping and, oh, painting! I got two coats of paint on my advent calendar, but another still needs to be done, which I am off to do now.

Righto, time to pass the torch...

Toodles, B x

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Bridgette said...

sounds like a productive weekend, just as I did in my house. Must be that sun that is making us productive. Cannot wait to see the calender