Thursday, November 19, 2009


I've been doing a bit of surfing (of the blog variety, not the wetsuit and ocean variety!), and seen a few cool things I had to tell you about...

Check out this post about Carole Janson's scrap room. I am SO jealous! It looks like she has a whole store full of stuff at her disposal, and it all looks SO pretty, doesn't it? Maybe one day... when we win lotto... and have a much bigger house! Ha ha ha!

And then there's this post with a quick tutorial to make your own flowers... basically a different twist on the dahlia fold technique. Very fast, very simple, very effective. Might have to give that one a try soon.

And then I found this on YouTube:

I have recently put this on my phone as the alert when I receive text messages. When it goes off, J sits there and happily sings along... it's HILARIOUS! Teeheehee.

And then there's this wreath... I think it looks FAB, and might even try my hand at one for us. Just need to track down a foam wreath as the base, which I suppose I'd find at a florist?

And this I spotted on the Kaiser website - also another thing I might have a go at. Mmm, am thinking I might be running out of time in the day to get these things done!!! Oh well, not much different to normal then, is it?!

I had one of those days today, and just want to say thanks again to all my lovely friends. You guys rock. It's nice to know you're out there :)

Time to go and tuck in my wee man (apparently Daddy just doesn't do it RIGHT, ha ha ha!), then continue on with the spring cleaning I started this afternoon. In order to tidy up, you've gotta make a giant mess first, right? Well I do anyway!

Catch you maybe tomorrow, toodles, B x

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