Monday, November 2, 2009

Ok, here we go...

It's been a couple weeks since I posted. SO SOME PEOPLE KEEP TELLING ME. So shoot me. You can all shut up now! Sometimes I find I just can't get out of my own way, ya know? I seem to have been awfully busy doing a whole lot of... well, nothing. Working, Cooking, Eating, Sleeping, Washing, Rinse, Repeat. Like the little hamster that runs flat out in his wheel and gets nowhere! I'd like to say that the last few weeks have been full of memorable experiences, and life-changing incidences, Same sh*t, different day. Although I must say that I HAVE managed to be a little creative in my absence...

It was my little sister's boyfriend's birthday last month, so I threw together this card for him:

He's into surfing in a big way, and lately, this little monster keeps surfacing when I have to make boy cards. He's a handy little fella, and darn cute too!

On the sewing front, I made myself a reversible tote bag... I was quite proud of myself for having pulled it off, as generally most of my sewing is done on scrapbook pages and cards. I have managed a few simple things (like the lunch-bags I made for J to take to school), but to follow a REAL pattern and make a REAL item was pretty cool. Here's what it looks like:

It's a pretty good size, as it's just over 12" across the bottom, so I can cart scrapbook stuff around in it if I want. The original pattern only made a bag 10" wide, so I amended it slightly. Go me! I think I'll tackle some Christmas sewing crafts next. I managed to score a pattern book from a former workmate, so I'll give that a lash I reckon. You can always unpick things, right?! Ha ha ha.

Last Saturday was an Embellishit crop day, and I was pleased with what I managed to get done, given that I had J with me until lunchtime (D was working). He and I showed a couple of girls how to make the paper-pieced Santa cards we've been doing, and he sat and decorated some Kaiser Gingerbread men and drew a few pictures. He seemed to enjoy himself, which is the main thing.

I got two cards made in the morning, to add to my stash as 'just in case' cards.... They're good generic cards that you can add 'With Sympathy', 'Happy Birthday', or 'Thinking of You' to... Always good to have one or two of those up your sleeve!

The flowers on the front of the card are made with the Stampin Up scallop punch. There are 5 layers of punched scallops in each flower, and they were all scrunched into a ball and then unfolded before layering on top of each other. They are held together with a brad before being stuck on the card. The punch itself is pretty handy, and my mate Deb can hook you up if you are after one. Check out her blog here, or flick her an email at

Then, after J went home with D, I got a two page layout done:

and I got the make and take flowers made:

Then I stuffed my face with Indian takeout (yum-o Butter Chicken, but my boys don't like it)... and got to work on a Caithness family reunion layout:

I didn't get it finished in time for Page of the Day, which was a bummer, as I think it's the best work I have done in AGES.... I got home and just HAD to finish it, there and then! And my mother-in-law loved it so much, that I have to reproduce another one for her. She wants to frame it and put it on the wall!

All in all a most successful day. Only disappointment was that the Kaiser Christmas papers and off-the-page projects didn't arrive in time (poor Rach). I bet they arrived today, after all that! I think I might make us an advent calendar, although it's hard to see what it's really like from the small pic on the net, so I can't wait to check it out 'in person'...

And on THAT note... did you know that as of today, November 2nd, there are only 53 sleeps until Christmas?! Yeah! Ha ha ha!

And once Christmas is out of the way, there are even MORE things to look forward to in 2010:

* the fabulous Nic Howard is coming to Timmers at the end of February to take a couple of classes
* Embellishit's Summer Camp at Raincliff is in March
* the Autumn Escape in Taupo being organised by Nic Howard and Lucy van der Loos is in April
* then SENZ is in Christchurch in July

Fan-tas-tic!!! Bring. It. On.

Right... is that enough for you? I can't think of ANYTHING else to tell you about for now, so that will just have to do! Ok? OK!

I'm off. Toodles, B x


Rachel F said...

Great post Beck (although I will say I was NOT one to annoy you about blogging - bet those people don't own a blog!)
Thanks for your continued support I really appreciate it, and yes the Kaiser stuff arrived yesterday so you can get cracking on your advent calendar he he.

topkatnz said...

Wow, lot's of news, lots of creativity - I am well impressed! great to hear from you - it does seem to get busier for no identifiable reason at this time of the year. Loving the look of all those flowers.

Bo said...

Awesome update Becks
What a gorgeous tote you sewed (is that a word -lol doesn't look right)looking forward to seeing it in real life
You did great on Saturday especially loving your reunion page

Jenny said...

Well done Becks - the bag and the pages and the cards and and ... they all look really great. How do you do it, must be the young age.