Thursday, November 19, 2009

Fa-la-la-la-laaaaa, la-la-la-laaaa

That's right folks, not long till that big fat man squeezes down your chimney now... only 35 sleeps to go! Yup, only 5 weeks :)

So, are YOU organised?

Like I've said earlier, we have most of our Christmas shopping done already, the only sticking point being J... being almost 6, he's now old enough to make a wish list, but the problem is that it is about 3 A4 pages long, and a lot of it is nonsense. The trouble is, what do you buy a child that, to be honest, has most things already? He doesn't NEED anything. He doesn't NEED more toys, or NEED more books, although those are the sorts of things he's likely to get. We were going to buy him a little CD player for his bedroom, but he's adopted D's old iPod and speakers, and seems happy enough with them, so there's that idea out the window! Bugger.

And if Christmas isn't bad enough, it's his birthday 2 weeks later... Mmmm. There's some serious thinking to be done here, me thinks. Any ideas? Suggestions welcome!

Movember is nearing it's completion (thank goodness), so it won't be long until I get my husband back. In the meantime he has been replaced by THIS. Yeah, no further comment required, really! Bring on November 30th!!!

He's away this weekend to the SuperX in Hamilton with the boys:

It was booked back in February, so it seems to have taken AGES to get here. They should have a blast. Definitely a boy's weekend, not for me really. The only thing that I'd enjoy would be playing with my camera - there'll be some great shots to be taken, I'm sure. D's going to take his camera. I offered him mine, but he decided it was too big to lug around. Fair enough.
I'll be spending the weekend at home with J, just chillin. We will probably head down to the Rose Festival Market Day on Sunday if the weather's nice. That's always a good market. And there's always HEAPS to look at.
Right, that's about it for now people. Time to get off to work for the day.
Toodles, B x

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Anonymous said...

Hiya Bec
Just a thought for Jacob, what about a camera? Not sure if he's too big for that or already has one but it's something I'd like to get Caitlin 'one' day!
I've been waiting for pic's of Daryl so glad to see them! I feel very sorry for you tho haha!