Sunday, July 13, 2008

D's birthday... (July 11th)

Friday was D's 35th birthday. On the Thursday night, he went out to poker night with the boys, and as soon as he had left, J and I got busy decorating a cake for him in the kitchen. Unfortunately what with work and stuff, I had run out of time to actually bake a cake, but I did manage to get to Woolworths and buy a sponge, some cream and J chose some lollies to go on the top. So we rushed around making chocolate icing, and chocolate whipped cream. I layered the sponge with jam and cream, then J covered the top of the cake with chocolate buttons and jellybeans before the icing could set, and we were all done! We hid it in the fridge, then J finally went off to bed, about an hour later than usual! The next morning, there was great excitement! Jake yelled from his bedroom 'HAPPY BIRTHDAY DADDY'. It was SO funny! He had hidden all of the presents in his room, and insisted on carrying them out one by one all by himself. WE gave D a Riders HQ voucher and the V8 Supercars Monopoly game. A Chip Foose T-Shirt is still on its way from the States. J picked out his own pressies for his Dad, I had given him $20 to spend at The Warehouse, and he did really well with what he chose.... He got D a lolly jar for his desk, which he filled with jellybeans and jelly dinosaurs, a penholder and a photoframe, also for his desk at work. Not bad huh? Here's the boys together after our tea, blowing out the candles and getting ready to eat the cake.....

Only a mother could love that face! Oh and by the way, for a shop-bought cake, it was scrummy!
Toodles, B x

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