Sunday, July 13, 2008

Trying to be 'grown up' !!!

I have been doing a lot of spring cleaning lately (yes, I know it's actually winter, and no, I'm not pregnant!). I decided to get rid of a lot of the clutter (read 'crap'), and get some grown up things to decorate our lounge with... I found some cool stuff at Ma's work, and now our mantelpiece looks great (instead of cluttered and dusty!). See.....

I'm stoked with it - I just have to get around the rest of the lounge now! Ha ha ha. Always something to do huh? Never a dull moment in this place!
Oh and post-script to the Op Shop concert.... We got home, and when we walked in the door, I could smell vomit. NOT GOOD. Literally minutes before we arrived home, J had puked all over his bed, his carpet, his self and his Granny. (Sorry Mum!) Mum had scraped up a lot of it, and settled him out in the lounge in front of the fire, but I had to spend the next wee while cleaning sheets and carpet etc - luvverly (NOT). Unfortunate end to a great night. And about half an hour after we came home, D started being sick too. Oh great! D was crook for a couple of days - he was home sick that Thursday and Friday, and J stayed with him because he did the same thing again the next night too (although this time he managed to get an different bit of carpet - good one!)
Anyhoo, that covers us being all grown up (for the next five minutes I reckon!).
Toodles, B x

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