Sunday, July 13, 2008

Off to the SNOW!!!

Yeehaaaa - off we go! We were going to go to Dobson and take J and his friend Arthur to go tobogganing for a bit of a laugh, but Dobson was closed, so we drove on to Round Hill (at the head of Lake Tekapo). We hired the boys a couple of shiny new toboggans from the Ski Shack at Fairlie (only $5 each - bargain!). The road was pretty long in to the ski-field, and my poor wee car really only just made it up the big climb to get there, but make it we did, and the boys had a blast! Here they are ready to take off:

... and this is them on their way down the slope!
Darryl's Mum and Dad, and sister Bronwyn and her tribe all came too, although the Listers were late (how unusual!!!). D even convinced his mother to have a go on the toboggan, so I just HAD to take photos, it's probably the only time it would ever happen!

.... and they're off!

.... yup, that's DEFINITELY a look of terror on Nana's face! Oh dear....

Then (unfortunately) it was MY turn. Yes, this is me, looking extremely enthusiastic I might add, about to head off down the slope on the toboggan. Can I say in my defence that in fact my tailbone is still sore from the fall I had in the snow about a month ago, so this was NOT very comfortable!

Look out J, I'm coming!

The boys were so good and had so much fun together that D suggested we ask if Arthur could come home with us and stay the night. The boys (of course) were pretty keen! We had a cuppa with Lisa (Arthur's mum) and checked if it was ok, which it was of course, and then packed him up to come with us for the night. More on the sleepover soon....
Toodles, B x

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