Sunday, July 13, 2008

The Sleepover...

Yes, a sleepover! I was rather hoping that the two boys would be well knackered and go to sleep very quickly... I wasn't far wrong. We got home and the boys watched Ben 10 (their absolute favourite program), then we had fish and chips for tea. J decided Arthur just HAD to have fish and chips with us, because Arthur had told him that he'd never had crinkle cut chippies before! After tea they had a bath together. Some of the water even managed to stay in the bath, ha ha ha! Talk about cheeky monkeys!

So after their bath is was time for jammies and bed, they were read a couple of books, and it was lights out. They were allowed to talk for about half an hour, then were told it was time to sleep, and they did! Nice!
They woke about 7am, and I told them to keep quiet for just a little bit longer, so they turned on the bedroom light, got into bed together, and talked talked talked for the next half hour! I got up at half seven and got them up and dressed, and lit the fire. They ate their breakfast and then got to watch the rest of Ben 10 that I recorded last night off the telly. Since then they have played with J's toys, and drawn some really cool pictures. We are off to see Nanny for morning tea in a tick, then Arthur's auntie is picking him up at half twelve to go home. J has had a fabulous time playing with his friend, I think he'll miss him when he goes home.
Well, that's it from me, you are officially now up-to-date! Hope you are all having a lovely weekend. Isn't it nice to see the sunshine today?
Catch you later peoples, Toodles, B x

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Bronwyn said...

Yip can see why the posts would take so long to do
good on ya cos now they there and you have a record for when ya scrap all those cool photos
Well done becks!!