Thursday, July 31, 2008


That's right, my name is Beck and I'm a bad blogger.....!!! I even got told that in the middle of The Warehouse at lunchtime today, didn't I, Bridgette?! Ha ha ha. Unfortunate problem is, she's right. Oops. Sorry. I suck. My bad.

So.... where were we? I think my last post was the night before my birthday when I was making chocolate eclairs, yeah?

Well, I finished making those and headed off to bed at about 11pm. The next morning my boys gave me cuddles and kisses and pressies - what a great way to start the day! D gave me a new charm for my Pandora bracelet (a handbag with a pink CZ set in it), and money to spend at my upcoming Stampin Up! party. J picked out his pressie for me all by himself, and chose pretty well considering -he chose a pink bead set and a pink bead bracelet. Mmm, do ya think there's a theme here?

So I headed off to work for the day, carting a truckload of eclairs and a gluten free chocolate cake with me. I spent the first half hour at work creaming eclairs and putting them in the fridge for our morning tea. It was a nice day actually. Daph at work also has a birthday on the same day as me, although hers this year was the big 5-0! I had pre-organised with the other secretaries to chip in and buy her a bunch of flowers for her fiftieth, and she seemed stoked with them. They looked fantastic - I ordered them from Absolute Flowers in Stafford Street, just asking for something with pink in it and for them to 'make it funky' - it was just awesome - pink gerberas and yellow lillies with tortured willow and greenery, wrapped in bright pink paper etc. Highly recommended! Because I was still relieving for Florence that day, we actually sat side by side for the day, which was quite nice.

Morning tea was delicious - we always shout together on our birthdays for the other staff. Daph had ordered club sammies from May's and had bought savouries from Couplands, so we had heaps to eat - yummo! Lucky I was toddling off to the gym during lunch huh? Ha ha ha. Did I tell you I had joined one? I now go to Timaru Woman gym - it's fab. Anyhoo, my day was as a work day usually is, except D sent me some lovely flowers for my birthday - pink flowers with lillies and jonquils in (I love scented flowers). What a spoilt girl I am!

After work, Darran, Heath and Oliver called in for a coffee (and brought me a pressie, yay! Awesome coffee mug, coffees, and Juno on DVD), then I shot out to pick up some Thai takeaways for tea, and by the time I got home, Ma and Pa were waiting for me. They gave me another charm for my Pandora bracelet, and some scrummy pink scrap stuff. Yup, definitely a theme developing here me thinks!

Nanny and Grandad called in to see me at work to drop in my card which was cool, so I got a quick cuddle with them in the middle of the day. I put the money they gave me and the Prezzy Card that Sarah sent down towards two other new charms for my bracelet, so I now have a total of 6 charms on my bracelet - it's looking real good now. I picked out the rose one and the ball of hearts myself with my birthday money, the round channel one with pink CZs set into it was from Ma and Pa, and the other two Darryl got me when he bought me the bracelet for our wedding anniversary earlier in the year.

I also got lots of birthday text messages too which was awesome, so I had a fab day all in all. Sarah even sang me Happy Birthday on my voicemail! Not necessarily the high point of the day vocally, but brought a smile to my dial all the same :D. Gotta love sisters!

I nearly forgot to tell you about the totally awesome birthday cake that my boys made me - I have photos somewhere, so I'll go hunt them out :)

Back soon, Toodles, B x

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Bronwyn said...

Sounds like you had an awesome day Beck - that the way birthdays should be very spoilt lol