Sunday, July 13, 2008

How to use chopsticks....

Not like this anyway!......

From the proceeds of the wedding I did on the 28th, I decided to take my boys out for tea, cos I figured J would just LOVE to play with the frosty boy machine at Chengs. A couple of random pics were taken during the first course:

....then J was OFF to the Frosty Boy machine. What a laugh! Once I showed him how it worked when I got myself some, he was into it! D wasnt even allowed to get his own, J had to pour it for him:

Then J decided he was ready for seconds (of course!) - and back he went!

...and dont forget both the chocolate sauce AND the caramel sauce (yes, BOTH at the same time... mmm, interesting combination I guess!) SO, once you have sorted out the getting of the dessert, nect you work on the eating of the dessert, like so:

Yeah, I know, butter wouldn't melt, right? NOT!!!! We had a lovely tea, and J has asked SEVERAL times since if we can go back there again. Gee I wonder why?! Ha ha ha.
Toodles, B x

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