Saturday, July 12, 2008

July 2nd.... surprise party time!

Yup, we had a surprise party of sorts for Auntie Gemmie on the Wednesday night - she was going to be in Auckland staying with Auntie Sarah on her actual birthday, so we decided we'd better have a family tea for her before she went. Little did she know that J and I were decorating madly with pirate paraphernalia all afternoon, including swords or daggers and eye patches for all the guests! Ha ha ha. I think she was pretty surprised! J thought it was fantastic - we decorated a cake for her complete with skull lollies and little black penguin lollies all over the top of it... not to mention 25 candles!!! They took some blowing out too, see:

After tea, D and I left to go to the Op Shop concert at the Theatre Royal, Mum stayed behind to J-sit (thanks Ma!). It was FANTASTIC! They played all my favourite songs off their second album (Second Hand Planet), and a few other great ones from their first album (which D bought for me at the concert for $20), as well as cover versions of Message in a Bottle and Forever Tuesday Morning - nice! D took his camera, so here's a few pics of the show...

For their encore, she came out in suits and ties and played One Day (you know, the song thats on the Telecom ad at the moment). Freakin fan-tas-tic!

So we had a great time at the show, well worth going to anyways. I like to support NZ music as well, they work hard you know?
Well, off to work on the next post now - I have three to do today!
Toodles, B x

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Rachel said...

I think we need a close up of the cake!