Thursday, July 31, 2008


OK, so here's the pics of my cake - for Darryl's birthday on the 11th of July, I took Jake to the supermarket to pick out some lollies to go on a birthday cake for his Dad (of his choosing), and back then we assembled a quick cake from a supermarket sponge, whipped cream, chocolate icing and jellybeans! This time, for my birthday, Darryl assembled the cake and made the icing etc all on his own. Jake helped add the pebbles on top then of course posed for the obligatory photo (of course!) See.....

So of course we finished the night off with a yummy piggy piece of birthday cake!!! The rest of the week flew by in a flash - work, eat, sleep, work, eat, sleep etc. Thursday night I made some more eclair cases (mini ones this time) to have for supper the next night.

Friday night I held a Stampin Up! party, and had a LOT of ladies come over for a glass of wine and to check out the products that are on offer. They have some fab stuff, but tbh it's not cheap. That's why it's a really good reason to have a party, because just like Tupperware parties and other party plans etc, you get a hostess gift for having the party, as well as a percentage of sales to spend on more product of your choice. A great way to get some the the stuff you like without all the cost! So to all the ladies that came and had a glass of wine and a bit of a play at the table with some of the product, thankyou, thankyou, THANKYOU! The only problem with party-plan stuff of course is you choose what you want on the night, and then have to wait a couple of weeks for it to arrive. I want to play with my new goodies NOW!!!!!

The weekend just disappeared (as they do). We did the big grocery shop on Sat morning, then Jake through a wobbly and put himself to bed without eating his lunch. He had a rough week with his asthmatic cough last week - sleeping in the dining room on his trundler bed every night, and coughing until he was sick several evenings that week. Anyway, it made him helluva grumpy and seeing as he put himself to bed, we decided to let him sleep. He hasnt had a daytime sleep for nearly a year, so it's a rare thing! He ended up sleeping for just over two hours, but man was he a much nicer little boy to deal with when he got up!

Clayton and Kaia came round for tea that night - Clayton had a few drinks with D and Kaia played happily with J (she loved his Hot Wheels cars, so much so that after she left J asked if he could buy her some for Christmas, ha ha ha!) Anyway, the kids ended up playing until about half eight/nine-ish, so lucky wee manny had his sleep earlier in the day.

Unfortunately (or fortunately, depending on how you look at it), we woke at 9am on Sunday. We were supposed to be at a church in Temuka by 9.45am for Darryl's sister Bronwyn's christening of her two boys - 2 and a half year old Alex, and 5 month old Cameron. Incredibly, we made it ON TIME! Nice! After the christening, we had a nice relaxed finger food lunch out at Bron's with the rest of the immediate family, getting home about late afternoon Sunday.

THEN, on Sunday night I made a jam-pan full of pumpkin soup to put in the freezer in lunch-sized lots for my lunches for the forseeable future. Hard work bloody well cutting up all that pumpkin, but SO worth it in the end :)

Mmmm, what next? Well, Monday I took J to see Dr Rob about his damn cough, because I am SO over cleaning up sick every night and changing beds repeatedly. There are only SO many sets of jammies and SO many sets of sheets that you can have, you know? Fortunately Rob was sympathetic to our cause and suggested a stronger preventative inhaler to be taken all the time, rather than just when he's symptomatic. We're crossing our fingers that this helps a lot, not only are we sick of it, but of course it's hard on J too.

Anyhoo, I think that's about the size of it - our last week/ten days all updated in two (rather long-winded) posts! I hope that this keeps all friends, family and stalkers happy! I promise to try and update maybe every other day from now on, then I won't have to spend all night doing it, ha ha ha!

Hope you are all happy, healthy and warm, cos by hell it's nasty out there at the moment... I'm off to brainstorm some layout ideas for Raincliff, then get some sleep (of course!). Tomorrow's gym day again, and Friday to boot (yeah!), bring on another weekend! Perhaps if the weather stays like this I might get some of the onerous indoor jobs done over the weekend (like cleaning out J's bedroom, and listing some things on TradeMe for sale).

Oh well, keep warm and cosy peeps, catch ya later! Toodles, B x
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Bronwyn said...

Awesome catch up Beck - yay Raincliff is very very soon and the shitty weather is perfect for getting organised - so why aren't I - lol glad you are faring better