Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Mmm - someone else's CANDY!

Go check this out... Inked Inspirations are giving away fab blog candy.  Go on, enter, I DID!

How is everyone today?  Today is officially my first day of holiday for the week.  Nice feeling.  Although, knowing in advance that I was going to be having some time off, I have a zillion things planned for this week.  Typical!  Also have an 'issue' to deal with personally which is making it hard to chill out at the moment.  Nuf said about that.

I will check the entries for my blog candy shortly, and let you know later today who won the goodies.  For now, I have lunch to think about making for D who is at work today, and something to keep J amused without destroying the place!

Righto, I'm off.  Toodles, B x

PS - SOME OF YOU need to update your blogs!  (Nic, Rach....!!!)


Rachel said...

What am I going to say lol! i only did it on Saturday! Hope you are feeling better today sending you a virtual *hug*

topkatnz said...

heehee ... glad I escaped the blog 'hurry-up'!!LOL

Viv said...

Hi Beck! Found you through Embellish It's blog. Was checking out their WOJ stamps after hearing from a friend they now have them , then saw yummy cupcakes! I'm a sucker for recipes! And cats , and dogs...LOL