Friday, April 17, 2009

Grrrr - here's what bloody gardening will do for you....

Long story short, we had a trailer load of rocks to unload at the in-laws. D can't lift them because of his back injury, so I said I'd do it. When I say rocks, I MEAN rocks. These were those large hunks of bluestone that people landscape their garden with. Well, as I was rolling one out of the trailer, because it was too heavy for me to lift, it twisted on it's side and just lept onto my toes. And it bloody well hurt! I have split the skin on the top of my big toe, bruised the top, sides and bottom of my big toe and second toe, and have a wee bit of trouble walking at the moment - I have to sort of 'hobble'!

Split toe, and bruising on side of it...

Left foot vs Right foot.
I have UGLY feet, and usually have large gaps between each of my toes (see left foot), but they are gone for the moment on my right foot! I also have funny toes that are fat at the end and get narrow in the middle (see left foot), but at the moment, my big toe and the two toes next to it are a bit 'rotund'. Oh and they are currently throbbing.... a lot. So that's what I get for helping tidy up the garden. I just KNEW gardening could be hazardous to your health! Ha ha ha ha ha. Beware of leaping rocks. Seriously.

Toodles, B x
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Rachel said...

What the hell do you think you were doing for many reasons!!!
But liking the wine idea sounds like a fantastic thing to do for an afternoon!
Go J on the quilling that card looks awesome, can't wait for mine he he.
Have a great weekend.

Bridgette said...

gee thanks Beck I am now looking at my toes and seeing if I have gaps, once again thanks very much, If I move my stomach in I can see my toes, if I sit on a chair and lift my feet up I can see my toes.
Thanks Beck lol

Viv said...

Hey, those feet aren't ugly...seen much worse! Very bruised tho, you poor thing. What were you wearing? Jandals? Did you not know that Rocks mean wearing steel-capped boots ?!! Hope you haven't broken anything!

Sarah Mary said...