Saturday, April 18, 2009

Ooohhh - someone else's blog candy!

Ok ladies, if you haven't checked this out already, you so need to....  I want to win it, yessirree!!!!!

Well, today is Saturday, hooray.  Just had my usual Sat morning sleep-in, and have lazily eaten brekkie and read the paper.  All good.  I have to whip up a 5 year old's birthday card now, then at 11am J and I are off to said 5 year old's party at McDonalds for a couple of hours.  Well there goes my peace!  I might be pre-emptive and take nurofen BEFORE I go to the party!!! Ha ha ha.

Later today we have some friends coming in to watch the V8s and have takeout for tea (just don't tell the weigh-in girls, ok?!).  And speaking of the V8s....  GO THE BLUE OVAL!!!!!!

Right, on that note, I'd best haul arse and get this card made - we still have to stop off at the red shed to get a present on the way there!  Toodles, B x

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topkatnz said...

Sounds like you have a great day planned ... ouch about the toe with the rocks ... hope they look cool tho ... tell me how the pre-emptive nurofen goes ... maybe a few stiff drinks would be better!LOL