Thursday, April 9, 2009

Nearly time for the Easter Bunny to visit!!!

I have been making Easter cards this week... playing around with masking stamps so that I could make the bunny sit on his carrot (they are two separate stamps, so it's a bit tricky!). Today is my last day at work for a bit - the school hols start tomorrow, so I have all next week off work... lovely! I have a HEAP of stuff to get done at work today, so not looking forward to getting there this morning, but man am I looking forward to 5pm tonight, ha ha ha!

Also had a go at an eggstremely easy Easter craft that I am going to do with the kids at the weekend - Jacob and his cousins can have a play, it's just too easy for words.... and very cute! See?

Mmm.... after dinner mints, yuuummmmmm!!!!!! Right, I have dishes to tidy up, lunches to make, and showering to do. Have a nice weekend everyone...

Toodles, B x
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Bronwyn said...

They look so cute and super yummy
have a great holiday