Sunday, February 21, 2010

Another Weekend Bites the Dust....

Yes, I too now have that song in my head - how about you?! Ha ha ha.

Man, this weekend went fast. Not even sure WHY really, but it did. We went out to catch up with old friends who are over from Aussie on Friday night, D worked on Saturday morning while J and I were sorting out some stuff at home, then we went to a 1st birthday party on Saturday afternoon for this little sweetie:

Her birthday isn't until Wednesday, but it's always easier to do these things at the weekend, isn't it? I actually took this photo at a shoot for her family last month... still 'keeping my hand in' the photography business from time to time :)

Today I went out to the Phar Lap market for the first time ever - as a stall-holder, no less! The friends I mentioned earlier who were home from Aussie were clearing out their things and selling off some of the stuff that had been in storage over here, so I decided to join in on their stall and get rid of some of our crap (I mean exceptionally priced, well looked after) clothing, baby gear, etc. It wasn't too bad, although the people that 'stalked' me as I was unloading my car were a little off-putting - could they not wait until I got the stuff out of the friggin boxes?! Seriously! And then the sun came out. And it got HOT. Really hot. And I tend to melt a bit in the sun... But all in all it wasn't a horrendous experience - we got rid of some of our stuff and scored some extra cash to boot, so not all bad.

This afternoon D took J to Ashbury Park to ride his motorbike for a bit, and I got talked into going out there to sit under a tree in the shade. It was just too hot at home, so I didn't need a lot of persuading!

Next thing ya know, the weekend's buggered... totally.

I'm going to head off and eat my supermarket pizza dinner, then curl up to watch Bones and Trauma until bedtime. Hope you've all had a great weekend, talk to you later in the week maybe.

Toodles, B x

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mandyb said...

i know what you mean about the weekend going so fast.... madness.. wish the week would go that fast!!!