Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Arrgghh - it's TOO hot!

I like warm days, don't get me wrong... I just don't like HOT days. And we've had a few lately. The stupid weather seems to either be 13 degrees and cold, or friggin 28 degrees and I'm melting. You just can't win either way! I like it when it's about 20-22 degrees. That's just right for me. Yesterday was another warm one... here's the proof - a photo of our weather station at 5.38pm last night:

Yes, that says it was 33.4 degrees outside, and 26.4 degrees inside. TOO TOO HOT! I felt a little better that it was forecasting rain for today, as that usually clears the air a bit, but I hear on the radio this morning that we are still expecting a high of 27 degrees. BUGGER.

And look what yesterday's heat did to J's crayons in his bedroom:

Seriously - a house hot enough to melt crayons? No wonder I can't sleep at night at the moment. That's just stupid hot.

What do you guys do when it's hot? Or are you some of those CRAZY people who thrive on 25 plus degree temps?

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topkatnz said...

I'm loving the warmth - sorry - but we have ceiling fans throughout the house, and we have them on all night long most nights. Sorry to hear you are melting :(