Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Giveaway, School's back, and other ramblings...

There's a giveaway happening at my dealer Rach's blog. Check it out here. She's a good nut is Rach - tell her what you're looking for/lusting after (craft related, of course!) and she'll do her darndest to track it down for you. She rocks! Seriously. So go on, check it out.

School went back yesterday - YAY! I love holidays, don't get me wrong, but the juggling act between work and childcare can be a HUGE hassle over the holidays. If I could have afforded to stay home over the entire holidays and not work while he was off school, it wouldn't have been a problem. The trouble is, my wee manny got a bit clever over the break. He only had to endure one week at a School Holiday Program (rather than with people he knew), and by day three he figured that if he locked himself in the toilet for long enough, they'd have to ring me and I'd have to go pick him up. Unfortunately true. When did 6 year olds get so smart? I rushed there to pick him up, talked him out of the cubicle and took him home, only to have him say "can I have something to eat and watch telly now mum?" Grrrrrr. Seriously? VERY hard to maintain patience of any kind when you have just rushed away from work, after explaining to two managers about your 'sick' child. Not. Funny. How do you guys deal with the school hols? Any recommendations you can pass on? I'd LOVE to hear them :)

Man, it's just as well I have lots to look forward to over the next few months... I am doing two Nic Howard classes on Feb 27, and there's Raincliff Camp March 19-21 (both run by my dealer, Rach), and the Autumn Escape in Taupo April 16-18. Wahoo! Bring. It. On.

Right, time to get wee dude off to school and head into the office...

Toodles, B x

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