Wednesday, February 17, 2010


Ok, so where is everybody? What have you been up to? We have been doing the same old, same old...

I have had a few issues lately with J being super clingy in the mornings and not wanting me to drop him off at school. It's so hard. Poor wee man seems genuinely upset when I go to leave him. Real tears, you know? He was fine the first week of school, it just kicked in at the start of the second week. I think its a combination of adjusting back into the school routine, having a new teacher, and the fact that he got to spend SO much time with me during the holidays. D had to work through Christmas etc except for the stats, so it was mostly just J and I hanging out each day. Poor wee dude. Here's hoping it gets easier for him (and therefore ME as well) as each day passes.

I spent several hours last weekend sorting through the crap in our spare room and our old baby gear, throwing out the crap and taking photos of the decent stuff so that I could list it all on TradeMe. Check out our listings on TradeMe under username dazbeck if you are interested. I still have over 100 items to list. It's taking SO long to get through them all - although it's nice to have such a big tidy up. Refreshing.

Spent last night fluffing around on the sewing machine, working on something for the crop. Hope to show you another sneak peek over there by the end of next week. Keep an eye out! I actually read the manual for the sewing machine last night (it belonged to D's Nana, and I borrowed it from his Mum AGES ago, I don't have one of my own). I found out that by changing the presser foot and the plate, I can make what I am working on much easier to do - FAB! Who'd have thought of that huh? Reading instructions?! Ha ha ha. A-May-Zing!

Right - time to get lunches packed and head orf...

Toodles, B x

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