Thursday, February 11, 2010


Alright, alright, don't get TOO excited, they're just little ones....
First: I whipped up this little tissues holder (you know, to chuck in your handbag) this morning. I plan to make a few of these as prizes for my crop in May with some of my fabric scraps. So, as my first attempt, it's not perfect, but it's ok! Any takers?
AND, when I went to Paper Plus to get some more Dymo tape this week, I found a whole pile of it marked down to 99c - so I grabbed the lot! So I have a black dymo tape refill going spare as well... who needs/wants it?!

So, leave me some comments/feedback, and either one of these exciting freebies could be yours! Mmm - note the sarcasm there... well, these giveaways just don't really compare to all the new CHA goodies being given away on US blogs at the moment, do they now? I personally have entered a gazillion of those giveaways, but nothing to show for it. Bummer. Oh well, ya gotta be in to win, don't ya?
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Rachel F said...

Very cool give aways beck you are so clever with your sewing machine!

A Prince said...

Your page is very sweet, and it made me smile. Nice. The art pieces are fantastic!